Thoughts from a member of our Highland Park community, Chris Nyerges

As various thoughtful individuals have bemoaned the ever-decreasing level of "community" in this country, I have observed that we do ourselves a disservice when we ignore "the arts" in our efforts to revitalize local community, and our country in general.

Though there is always healthy debate about what constitutes "good art,"
it is at least observable and tangible that the art of We Tell Stories brings the people of the community together and is thus part of the glue that binds us.

It would be instructive to study the differences between Athens and Sparta. When times are tough, should we be compelled to move and think in stark militaristic fashion? Is that our real salvation? Or should we instead think in expansive, inclusive, and uplifting ways? Shouldn't we embrace the arts -- after all, "the arts" represent our human expression. In some respects, the arts and where they lead our thinking and where they lead us culturally, are our raison d'etre.

In this modern age when so many communities have lost their way, We Tell Stories has been a vital link in finding our way home.

We Tell Stories deserves not only our admiration but our support.

Christopher Nyerges
~Author, "How To Survive Anywhere"
~Manager, Highland Park Farmers Market


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Season of Giving at Culver City Julian Dixon Library!

Season of Giving at Culver City Julian Dixon Library!
Photo: SBO Photography, 12/08

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