A recent experience from WTS Company Member, Linda Miller

This experience comes from a recent performance of a story called John Henry from one of our shows The Spirit of Black Folklore. WTS Company Member Armando Ortega picked a kid to play the “steam iron drill.” Armando helps him put on his costume and instructs him on what to do. This little guy gives 110%. He’s gyrating and wiggling, pumping away, using his body to become the steam iron drill. In my 23 years with WTS, I have never seen such commitment. The audience loves it! When the young boy's performance is over, he gets a standing ovation. The kid is beaming. After the show, the principal comes backstage to compliment us. The principal also tells us that this little guy has not said a word all year. He blew everybody away.

Tell me this small theatrical experience hasn't helped with this kids self-esteem. A self-esteem that can translate into the classroom. His classmates and teachers will now look at him with new eyes, seeing what was his previously hidden potential and spirit.

These small, seemingly insignificant experiences happen all the time. This is why I believe in this work.

~Linda Miller

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Season of Giving at Culver City Julian Dixon Library!

Season of Giving at Culver City Julian Dixon Library!
Photo: SBO Photography, 12/08

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