Susan Devlin, Programs Director, Tells her Story...

I began my journey with We Tell Stories in 1986 as a performing artist touring the schools all over the Southland.  You've never lived until you have the experience of waking up before dawn, dress in bright colors which startle the senses, drive to the ends of the earth, unload a heavy steamer trunk filled with costumes and props, and perform on a school stage (some are extremely modern and professional, while others were seemingly built while dinosaurs ruled the earth). Despite all that, the experience of interacting with the students and introducing them to storytelling and theatre is nothing short of magical.  The twinkle in their eyes, the creative expression bursting from their imaginations, the joy of discovering characters from within yourself unfolds on that stage.  You can't help but feel how important and life changing this work can be.  I've heard countless stories about the shy student who came out of their shell, the misfit who suddenly becomes more outgoing and popular after being on stage with us, and the student who discovers a love of theatre and goes on to pursue a career in the arts.  Now I watch from a different perspective, that of the Programs Director (which I've been since 1993) and although I'm not out there in the trenches anymore, I plan and coordinate our programs with the schools and venues where we perform.  It's a labor of love.  One of my favorite stories comes from parents who tell me they attended our shows when they were young and now they're bringing their children to see our shows.  Keep those stories coming!!!

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  1. Very well written and describes the essence of We Tell Stories!


Season of Giving at Culver City Julian Dixon Library!

Season of Giving at Culver City Julian Dixon Library!
Photo: SBO Photography, 12/08

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